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Friday, November 05, 2010

Don't let anyone tell you ageism is no longer a factor in employment. I was just turned down for a job for which I was supremely qualified, and when I suggested that the person they hired was younger (and less qualified), the answer was a silent affirmation. I was shocked--for this I spent my life building my career, going to grad school, learning, doing, being, creating a solid background coupled with a true love for my calling? To be cast aside because I am too old, even if I have more enthusiasm, more energy, and more sheer ability than someone half my age? Oh, it's there, my friends, that insidious bigotry, that sniggering bias, that outdated idea that age is hampered by infirmity. My wish? That the person who interviewed me someday has to find another job when she is my age (which really wouldn't be too far from today).

Do I sound bitter? Sorry, folks, but I am.



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