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Thursday, December 31, 2009

Okay, folks, I am now convinced we are completely crazy. Tiger Woods has lost yet another sponsor on the basis that he is not a good role model, thanks to his admission of infidelity (multiple infidelities, but who's counting? Oh yes, the paparazzi.). Meanwhile, Michael Vick is being REWARDED for his courage in the face of adversity (remember him? He's the puppy-killer.) So what are our children learning? Murderous torture can be forgiven, but multiple lovin' can't be. (Sounds like a Country-Western song to me!) No, I'm certainly not one to praise the golfer for his lack of control and his failure to follow accepted moral standards. But his career is being destroyed by a zealous press ready to crucify him, while Vick is patted on the head and told "Good boy" (yes, the irony is intended) for his ability to "overcome his adversity."

Let's hope in the New Year that common sense prevails everywhere.

For a more in-depth look at this travesty, I encourage you to follow the enclosed link to Megan Lee's editorial in the Chicago Tribune. Her comments are what got me on this tirade anyway, and I tip my hat to her for her clear-eyed view of a ridiculous situation.



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