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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

A new president. A new era. Like all Americans, I am hopeful that this change in regime will mean better times for us all--if nothing else, the past eight years have shown us the importance of intelligence--and the danger in its absence. Our leaders must be well-educated, and not just to go to a prestigious school. We all know that there are always ways for unqualified people to sneak into those bastions of education (look at all the named wings of every venerable institution). Honest intelligence should always win out, and unfortunately, that's not always the case.

But honest intelligence is nothing without tenacity, sacrifice, and hard work. These are the tests of character, and the American character has been sorely lacking. Let us pray that change will really happen, that with honesty and decency we can rebuild all that we have lost.

We've learned a lot about ourselves these past eight years, and it's been humbling. We've been arrogant, proud, truly "Ugly Americans." Maybe now we can look at ourselves in a new light, rejoin the world and work together to create a global nation. It's a lot to ask, but knowing how truly terrible we can be might inspire us to be better.

It's a start, and we've nowhere to go but up.

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