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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Ah, the job search. Embarrassing, degrading, ego-crushing, deflating. And here I am again, embarrassed, degraded, crushed, deflated. Why is the sun shining?

I won't try to belabor the obvious point that youth is king in today's world, but, as with every universal truth, it feels new when it happens to you. Prejudice on any level is illegal and insidious, anomalous in that it's a dirty little secret everyone knows but pretends isn't there.

The biggest frustration is knowing that if I could meet with an employer person-to-person, I could get the job, but interviews are elusive at best. I possess a lifetime of skills, experience, education, and acquired wisdom, but the bottom line employers see is the number of years it took for me to reach this point and disgard me like a used tissue.



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