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Friday, August 24, 2007

When the Model T automobile was first developed, Henry Ford declared it came in a choice of colors: black or black. You know, I often think he had the right idea.

Choice is nice, but nowadays there are so many choices it can get pretty overwhelming. Let's stick with the automobile (does anyone say that anymore?) example. Nowadays you have to decide if you want a subcompact, a compact, a mid-size, full-size, SUV or truck. And there are all the little catagories in between--small SUV, big-cab truck, etc. Then there are about 20 different car companies all offering their unique versions of each category. Never mind the color, how the heck do you pick a model?

How do you make a decision? How do you decide what field to enter, or a specialty? As a writer, I am also faced with a wealth of options. Do I want to write a play? A novel? A short story? And if I write a short story, is that the right form for my idea? Maybe it should be a movie script or a full-length book.

Decisions, decisions. Sometimes I wish we were back in the good old days, when we didn't have so many choices. Ah, well. On to the short story. Or book. I haven't decided yet.


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