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Sunday, May 06, 2007

I’ve started reading “Peanuts” again, drawn back to those characters of my youth, and of my children’s youth.

There’s something soothing in the perpetual efforts of Charlie Brown to kick that football; in Lucy’s attempts to woo Schroeder away from Beethoven; of Linus’ wisdom beyond insecurity; in Snoopy’s ability to dance with bunnies and communicate with birds. I can connect once more with Sally's cynicism, Woodstock's innocence, and Peppermint Patty's unstoppable moxie.

We’ve all laughed at the antics of the characters, and connected with their philosophies and dreams. After more than 50 years, the wit still rings true, the deep-seated fears and desires still touch a deeper, human place in our souls. There is joy and pathos in their efforts, and sagacity in their optimism and insight. They give us laughter, they give us empathy, they give us hope.

That’s good writing.


Blogger SESchend said...

Hey Joyce!

I totally agree on PEANUTS. I've got the first two collections made by Fantagraphics out of Seattle. They're reprinting ALL the Peanuts strips in order. And it's bizarre how much the characters (and the world around them) changed.

Still, it's good stuff that stands the test of time. Unlike most things political these days. ;)

Take care, be well, and we'll talk soon.


PS: Here's a link to the first collection:

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