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Monday, July 17, 2006

I am Arnold Horshak.
At least I feel like him sometimes in class, like I want to shoot my arm up and blurt out, “Ooo, ooo!”

My classmates are like any students, reluctant to shout out answers and opinions, perhaps from the fear of being deemed "wrong," although I don't think this class has that stigma. Maybe they just have better manners than I. Not that I know all the answers, but I always have an opinion or a suggestion. Yet, being a teacher myself, I remember how awful it was to have one student always giving the answers. So I try to restrain myself. The instructor asks a question, calls for an opinion. I wait. Silence. I try, I really do. But I also know how awful it is for a teacher to be greeted by silence. I wait. Then my hand goes up, or my mouth exclaims.

My grandfather always said (I’m sure it wasn’t original) that when you are talking you are not learning anything. I listen. I am learning. I am trying, Mr. Kot-ter.


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